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WPL100 Vertical Louvre Selection

The WPL100 Vertical Louvre is an all aluminium model ideal for vertical applications.

WPL100 Vertical Performance
Tested at Auckland Ventilation Services, Sept. 2000.
Test results available on request.

WPL100 Vertical Louvres - Performance Graph

Example: To select a louvre to exhaust 1.8m3/s with a pressure drop of 20Pa.

Step One:

From the Performance Chart, select the Pressure Drop of 20 Pa. Plot across to the exhaust curve. Then plot down to the indicated free Area Velocity e.g. 2.6 m/s.

Step Two:

Calculate the required Free Are of the louvre.
Free Area = Volume Flow Rate/Free Area Velocity
Free Area = 1.8 (m3/s)/2.6 (m/s) = 0.69 (m2)

Step Three:

Select a suitable louvre from the Free Area (m2) table. Some suitable louvres from the Free Area Table are:

1.175m wide x 1.250m high
2.456m wide x 0.600m high
1.968m wide x 0.750m high
0.748m wide x 2.000m high